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Joining our stake pool is simple and easy

100% SAFE

When you stake with us, your coins stay in your personal wallet. You do not have to transfer your coins to our wallet address.

Maximum Rewards

We do not charge you a fee for staking your coins in our pool. You will get your maximum reward.

No Minimum Stake

We do not set a minimum number of staking coins. You may even start staking with 1 ADA coin.

Reliable Support

Our support is fully responsive. Just drop us a question and we will reply back to you as soon as we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple step-by-step instruction will be provided soon.

Once the Cardano main net with staking feature is up, you will be able to stake with us. Look out for our announcement soon. .

No, at this time it’s not possible to delegate from an exchange.

Yes, you will be able to delegate to a pool from a hardware wallet or a paper wallet. Detail instructions will be provided once the official information is available.

No, staking with us is simple and you do not require any specific technical knowledge.

No minimum amount of coins is required to our pool.

You can request withdrawals at any time. Your request will be pending in your account until it is processed, which happens once per day. This delay is necessary to not disturb staking inputs.

Yes. A referral programme will be announced soon.

No. there is no maximum number of users or amount of coins.

A detail information will be released once it is provided by Cardano.

A detail information will be released once it is provided by Cardano.

No, we do not charge any service fee.

Yes. A referral programme will be announced soon.

Absolutely. You do not need to transfer or deposit your coins with us at any time, your coins do not leave your personal wallet.

There is no risk. At Ada Stakes, we take special measures to ensure our staking pool runs optimally 24/7 so that your staking rewards will not be interrupted. Should you encounter any issue, our friendly technical support is always online.

No, your private keys are your private asset. Do not reveal to anyone.

Just contact us at Telegram ____, Email: [email protected] or any our social networks (Facebook, Twitter

Yes. Telegram ____, Email: [email protected], social networks (Facebook, Twitter